We have created a platform for established brands, and up-coming creative talents to showcase their skills and style in the creative industry.

Our fashion and arts show provides opportunity for fashion designers, make-up artists, photographers, art exhibitionists, jewelry makers, etc to display their works of arts for sales, brand visibility and customer acquisition.

UNPN Fashion Show focuses on “family values and development within the community”, as in line with goal 8 of SDGS goals, to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

There will be online (website) and offline slots (sales booths) for Fashion designers, photographers, arts exhibitionists, to display their products and proffer services to the public.


Day 1: Morning Session

a) Fashion Runaway and Arts Exhibition

b) Fashion show /Showroom(displayed of products to public for sales, brand visibility and customer acquisition)


Afternoon Session

Bidding of Arts work /painting/Sign up of new trainees to join their companies to learn new skills.